Here is the update on little Lizzie that had open heart surgery:

Wednesday's post: "My baby has been extubated & is breathing
on her own! She's in some pain & can't drink yet,but is doing her
very best to go back to sleep! We're all so thankful for your love
and support. Thankful also especially for the donor and his/her
family who chose to donate life and whose gift will keep Lizzie's
heart healthy as she grows. Thankful for the medical staff and
this great hospital! And Thanks Be To God!!"

Then later that day: "We're exhausted! She's sporting a rash
from something medicine related. Trying to figure it out. Just
watched Beezus & Ramona & I balled at the end. Should
personally be back to as normal as i get tomorrow ! She is
healing well but the eczema is still yucky and the rash is
bothersome. But her drains look good! She needs to eat drunk &
go potty!"

Thursday: (first post) : Oxycodone works better than Motrin &
Tylenol combo,just FYI.... snuggling with my baby = happy!

Then 14 hours ago she posted a pic and wrote this:
Drunk on versed girl is eating a popsicle after having her chest
tubes pulled and neck line out! Going home tomorrow!!!!!!!

And the last post:
we are really good right now apart from having a pukey night
poor girl!

ust wanted to catch you up.

Here was 09/17/13 post from Will's Mom Tracy on his progress...

Last week Will had a rough week due to low blood counts. He
had a several visits to the doctor's office. His hemoglobin stayed
pretty low and he was on the borderline to receive a blood
transfusion but since they were anticipating his counts to be on
the upswing, he was able to avoid the transfusion.

He perked up over the weekend and had more energy to play

Yesterday, he had a PET scan which was long and mentally
exhausting on everyone, but the results were great. The chemo
is doing it's job!!!

Will is going to be admitted on Thursday for Round 4. We will be
there until 9/25 so we are getting our heads back into the game
for the hospital stay.

Aunt Eileen is coming for a visit on Saturday so we are all
looking forward to that."

I hope that helps to keep you up to date. Keep Will (Tracy, Matt,
and Jack) in your prayers!!! THANK YOU!!!!