February 27, 2014

Okgang.....the latest consult with the doctor was yesterday.  I've been on an
estrogen-blocking drug regimen for the past 6  months.   Poor doctor was at his wit's end
because no matter what he did, up till now he's been unable to explain why or how the
many tumors in and on my bones had apparently frozen in their tracks.      This time it
was different.  
Now the GOOD news is that the tumors, including the one wrapped around my upper
spine ( that's the one that could kill me depending on which way it grows ) are all still
frozen in place...no change in size or location.   
The bad news is that the two tumors located at the bottom of my tailbone, which
were the size of peas are now as big as apples, give or take.

So now, the doc has taken me OFF the estrogen-blockers (HURRAY!)  because they've
stopped working.  They were also causing other kinky side effects like running up my
blood sugar out of control so they were convinced I was a diabetic.    That meant I got a
NEW doctor who put me on Metformin ( 4 pills a day, which lowered my sugar down to
the mid 200 to mid 300 range which they all rushed to let me know was still WAY too

       It also made my hands break out with the most horrible rash you've ever seen!!   
Cracks in my skin, peeling, swelling, yuk!!

      So the nurse practioner prescribed a 6-day steroid pac which is supposedly going to
heal my hands up by Saturday morning....stay-tuned!!  lol!!    Also, because of the CT
scan I had Monday, they told me to STOP taking the Metformin which I guess interacts
with the contrast fluid they use for the ct in exceptionally nasty ways.

         So I STOP the Metformin.   Then she also tells me, "Oh by the way, the steroid pac
I'm putting you on for your hands is going to send your sugar into the stratosphere....at
the same time that they won't let me take the meds that are trying to bring my sugar
down!!  SUPER....WONDERFUL!   

Anyway, back to the cancer doctor.   He's signed me up for another 6 rounds of chemo
with a kind of SUPER chemo med.   Think regular chemo meds on steroids!!  lol!!    It's
called Adriamycin.   But according to the doctor,  one of the tumors that's grown so big is
impacting my kidney and he can 't administer chemo until I have a stent installed in my
kidney.    Which means yet another doctor...a urologist sometime next week.   SIGH....I
don't know even know what a stent IS, but apparently it's very important that I get one.    

       Now chemo drugs are delivered through the port they installed last spring...which is
in my chest.... a long way from my kidney....so they still have to explain to me what my
kidney has to do with my chemo.    Also I'll need pretty regular echocardiograms because
this Adriamycin is rough on the the heart muscles...so they keep checking to make sure
the heart isn't being affected.   

Also, this Adriamycin attacks the bone marrow along with the cancer cells, so that means
my white blood cells ( read immune system ) will be living in the basement for the next 6
months.    But, thanks to those nifty little face masks, I'll still be out and about!!   Ain't
slowin' me down...got too much to do!!  

Please take these latest developments the same
way I am....in stride!!  God's path for each of us involves many different twists and turns
and only He knows why.   It's not our job to figure out what's next or why something

happens.   OUR job is to go with His flow and share His Name and His light with whoever
crosses our paths!    And remember, back when I was first diagnosed and I had that talk
with the Lord?   He did tell me that there would be no "earthly" healing for me....but He
did not say, "Get packed ----you're leaving a week from Tuesday!!"    I still have lots to do
so please no one hit the panic button!

Now judging by a lot of my emails?   Some of you want to come see me but are afraid I'm
not "up to it".     Let me set your mind at rest....my spirits are good and my energy is
high.....& I LOVE company so if you want to visit just email or call and we'll set something

Some things I can't do anymore, like play guitar, make my disciple's crosses, etc.....but
the Lord has opened new doors....now I'm carving scripture verses into wood to use as
gifts, etc.
Right now?   My house is really cool....what could be better than living literally
surrounded by His Word?   I got signs Everywhere!!  Let me know if you want one!!

Blogs are coming along.....just published one on DOUBT....then came one on FEAR and
Im finishing up with the latest one about the devil and how he's NOT who you think he
is!!     One podcast completed...just needs editing so stay-tuned!

And  keep me in prayer for grace, strength and endurance so I can finish this race
successfully and bring GLORY to the One Who died rather than live without us!!    

Love all of you and your faithful prayers through all this are appreciated more than you
know!  They keep me able to stay HEAVEN-bound and GLORY-minded!

Blessings by the Bucket!!

Love, Dusty

Our God works in miraculous and sometimes UNexpected ways to come to the aid of His
children!!   Click below for the link to the CHOCOLATES website!!  I've been using these
delicious little chocolates since I started my chemo after the Lord nudged my neighbor to
let me know about them!   I firmly believe that they are one of the vehicles the Father has
used to help me combat this disease and keep my side effects to a minimum!!
Go read about them....the testimonials are AMAZING!!!